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application - Narcotic and illicit/licit drug discussion community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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application [Apr. 9th, 2010|09:11 pm]


Name: amy
Nickname(s): amy?
Gender: female
Age: 16
Zodiac sign: capricorn
Location: Perth, WA Australia 
Sexuality: straight 
Marital status: uhm. tad complicated? 
Place of family heritage (i.e Ireland/France): irieland, scottland, wales, france, australia 

Occupation: waitress at an italian restarant 
Religion: uhm dont really have any religious views. 
Political Affiliation: dont really have any political views 
Body modifications: tongue piercing, belly button piercing, 5 ear piercings. 
Drugs used (experienced to date): fuck knows. lots. narcs, benzos, opiates, psychoactives. 
Drugs used daily (used most often): dexies (like adderall), pot, painkillers, alcohol, cocaine.

Opinions. (please elaborate)
Drug legalization: there is so much to say about legalizing drugs. so many more fucked up people would be in the world. 
Addicts/addiction: a different person. tears away from reality to the point of never knowing whats real and whats not. 
Your local drug harm reduction program: good question.
How have you been treated as a drug user: harsh punishment from my parents, as they do not want to believe i have problems. when i have massive ones. 
Do you think there is such a thing as a responsible drug user: i do, however if you start of like this, the drugs will always grab a hold one way or another. when you think your incontrol your not. 
How would you change the general population's view on drug usage: some drugs help people, some drugs kill people. some people can get help with out drugs, some people kill themselves with out drugs.

Drink: any spirits. i have a thing for goon at the moment tho. cheap and quick to get drunk off.
Drug (& why): really depends what i feel, but mainly anything that stimulates me. dexies, crack, you know. 
Colour: blue and green
Object: phone. its my life line 
Curse word: cunt
Clothing Style: street
Your hero(s): my brother 
Book: i actually like alot of books. 
Movie: uhhh, candy i thi 
Musical Artists: anything with a good beat and meaningful lyrics. aussie hiphop. eminem ect.
"the worlds a stage and everybodys got to play their part."

Most embarrassing moment while high: getting high after drinking fuck loads and vomiting all over my mates mates driveway and passing out. 
Describe yourself in a few words: fucked up.
Why do you want to be here: meet new people, find people like myself
Do you think you will be accepted?: i hope so.
How did you find us?: though search on LJ