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First of all check out Travisw111 for my user info. This community may look cold, for right now, but I assure you that through empathy we can help each other out with questions, concerns, and important matters of drugs, including abuse, dependency, recreational use, and all of that. Let me make a few rules:

1. Well, as I wish we could buy and sell drugs online through this community, the fact is we can't and it's very much against the rules
2. If you're feeling down, just give me a chat or some other member. I don't want anyone to feel miserable.
3. Not really a rule, but feel free to post about recrational use, I know a lot of communites frown on it. But this is what this forum is about, to explore drugs in every way.
4. No spam, simple as that
5. No flaming or heated arguments, I would like to think that there will be none anyway
6. And the last rule, just use this community to obtain as much knowledge as you can, and to come to understand what drugs can do to you, physically and mentally.

I have a very wide knowledge of pharmaceuticals(I'm pharmacy technician certified), so I can answer a lot of questions. I know there are a ton of other communites but I hope I can get a few people. I have basically no life, so I'll be on here a lot, so it won't be desolate